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Below you will find photos of Gerald Schneider, DDS, Nathan Loeffler, DDS and their team of friendly dental professionals.




October 2020- Our pumpkin carving contest winners were: 1st place: Facelss Jack and 2nd place: Spooky Ratatouille Pumpkin.




November 2019- Our team in Nashville for the Oral Global Health Summit.




October 2019- Our costume theme this year was Star Wars!  Dr. Anderson's office joined us for lunch (Their theme was Napolean Dynamite).


Our pumpkin carving winners were: 1st Place: Dr. Evil Pumpkin Extracting Tooth and 2nd Place: Sunflower.


February 2019- National Children's Dental Health Month: Coloring and Crossword Puzzle Contests February 1-28. 

Coloring Contest:

Group 1: Ages 2-6

Group 2: Ages 7-12

 Crossword Puzzle Contest: 

Group 3: Ages: 13-17



October 2018- Our costume theme this year was Toy Story! 


Our pumpkin carving winners were: 1st Place: George the Owl and 2nd Place: Desert Scene.

August 2018- Celebrating 30 years of outstanding service to our community.


February 2018- National Children's Dental Health Month: Coloring and Crossword Puzzle Contests February 1-28. 

Coloring Contest:

Group 1: Ages 2-6 

Group 2: Ages 7-12


Crossword Puzzle Contest: 

Ages: 13-17



October 2017- Harry Potter was our costume theme.  Pumpkin Carving Contest Winners: 1st Place- Tooth Fairy; 2nd Place- Frankentooth.


September 2017- Some of our team at the California Dental Association fall meeting in San Francisco.



March 2017 Our assistants in training at an Invisalign course.


November 2016- Lots of learning and fun in Las Vegas for software training.


October 2016- Despicable Me was our theme for Halloween.  This year's winners for the pumpkin carving contest: first place- the minion, second place- the office building.



May 2016- Timmy the Traveling Tooth attended the California Dental Association Annual Meeting in Anaheim with our staff.

April 2016- Annual Outing at the Visalia Rawhide with family and friends!


 November 2015- The team at American Dental Association Annual Conference in Washington D.C. for some fun and learning! 


October 2015- A pumpkin pirate ship was our first place winner and jacko's snacks was our second place winner!


May 2015- Annual outing at the Visalia Rawhide with family and friends.



 October 2014 - Olaf was first place winner in the pumpkin carving contest and Skeletons in jail came in second!




 January 2014 - Dr. Schneider, Hygienist Ginger, and Tooth Fairy Fiona educated students in the community on oral hygiene.




   November 2013 - The team headed to Atlanta, Georgia for continuing education and managed to squeeze in a little bit of fun while there!



October 2013 - The Circus was our Halloween theme this year.  Our Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner was this decked out Circus Train.



August 2013- The Schneider team customizes their picnic table.


August 1, 2013- Dr. Schneider celebrated his 25th year of practicing dentistry.


 July 30, 2013 - The staff surprised Dr. Schneider with a taco truck arriving at the office for lunch in celebration of practicing 25 years!


 Gerald Schneider, DDS & Team CDA Anaheim 2013

April 2013 - The team heads to Anaheim for learnin' & fun at California Dental Association annual session!



October 2012- We had Rizzo, Principal McGee, Sandy, Danny Zuko, Jan, Frenchy, Marty and Coach Calhoun for this Grease Themed Halloween.  The Annual Pumpkin Contest Winner was the Mouse Motel.


October 2011- Witches was our Halloween Costume theme.  Pumpkin tooth extraction was our Pumpkin Carving Contest winner.



October 2010- No costumes this year since Halloween was on a Sunday.  But for our Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest, we decided to give Dr. Schneider some real competition and show him what a real throwing up pumpkin should look like!


October 2009- Mickey Mouse's friends were here for Halloween.  Cinderella's Carriage won the Pumpkin Carving Contest.



October 2008- Flashback to the 70's was our Halloween costume theme.  The Pumpkin Carving Winner is the cute caterpillar.

October 2007- Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work we go!  Halloween Theme was Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  This gory pumpkin won our Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest.



 October 2006 - For Halloween the team dressed up as Pirates.  With a Pirate pumpkin as our Pumpkin Carving Contest Winner!


More Staff Antics Coming Soon!!!

April 2016- Annual Outing at the Visalia Rawhide with family and friends!
April 2016- Annual Outing at the Visalia Rawhide with family and friends!

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